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A Jefferis Tradition

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A Family Tradition
Shana marks the third generation of Realtors in her family.  As a third generation Realtor, she believes in delivering "old-fashioned" customer service.

Shana's grandparents started a family-run real estate company in Indianapolis nearly 40 years ago.  Her parents followed suit by forming a partnership within a local Indianapolis real estate firm.  Shana's family has over a half century of combined real estate experience! Providing top notch customer service has become a real family tradition!

Real Estate Investments
Shana's family also has a long history of investing in real estate.  Her grandparents at one point owned over 20 properties.  Shana and her husband own and manage their own portfolio of investment properties.

As an investor and a landlord, Shana has unique insight into how this type of real estate purchase is different than buying a home to live in.  She can assist her investor clients in making sure they are asking the right questions before making a purchase decision. Shana also has key contacts for her investor clients who need a real estate attorney, a 1031 Exchange intermediary, lenders, or other related professionals.

Cleo and Henrietta Jefferis in 1956.

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